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CANOPY cloud 
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CANOPY cloud 
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A precisely machined, elegant design profile and a large sheet of glass, with no obtrusive bracing mean that CANOPY cloud covers the requirements of architects, homeowners and tradespeople alike. With its subtle design, it fits seamlessly into all kinds of architecture and provides the freedom to create individual house entrances without having to take into account other visible parts of the construction.

The CANOPY cloud clamping profile is made from high-grade aluminium and provides a linear mounting support for the glass pane. Custom profile dimensions and surface colours leave little to be desired.

The three profile types are available with stainless steel effect E6EV1, RAL or special colours, or with an untreated surface.

Profile type 1 Projection: Up to 1100 mm
Profile type 3 Projection: Up to 1500 mm
Profile type 5 Projection: Up to 1900 mm
Glass Canopy Cloud from Glassline - stainless steel effect E6EV1
Stainless steel effect E6EV1
Glass Canopy Cloud from Glasslinevon Glassline - untreated surface
Untreated surface
Glass Canopy Cloud from Glassline - RAL or special colours
RAL or special colours

Another advantage of GLASSLINE canopy systems is our stock range, which enables our glass canopies to be delivered promptly, thereby eliminating long delivery times for you.


Roof dimensions (W x D):
1400 x 900 mm
1600 x 1100 mm
2000 x 1100 mm
2400 x 1100 mm
Pitch: 10°
Surface: E6EV1 anodised



Roof dimensions (W x D):
2400 x 1300 mm
2800 x 1300 mm
Pitch: 10°
Surface: E6EV1 anodised


We also offer an LED strip for illuminating your CANOPY cloud all-glass canopy:LED stripPCB: Flexible PCB track with adhesive tapeVoltage: 24 V DCPower: 14.4 W/mLED type: SMD5050Number of LEDs: 60 pc./mLumen/LED: 18-20 lmSeparability: All LEDs or every 10 cmColour temperature: 6000 K +/- 100 KDimensions: 10 x 2 mm (W x H)Degree of protection: IP65Cable length: 1 mPieces per pack: 2.5 m roll or 6.0 m rollEnergy efficiency class: A+Certificates: CE, RoHs


Note:The transformer for the LED strip has a 1 m supply cable. This means that the transformer can be connected indoors. The transformer must only be used in dry conditions.


The installation principle of the CANOPY cloud all-glass canopy system is revolutionary. Once the profile is attached to the substructure and the support strip and clamping rods have been fitted, the glass pane can be simply inserted into the profile and secured in place. By using a dry installation technique, CANOPY cloud is installed in no time at all.

Installation instructions

Watch the video on installing CANOPY cloud
Watch the video on installing CANOPY cloud
Glass Canopy Cloud from Glassline - aligning of the substructure
1. Align the substructure. Use the profile to set the fastening points.
Glass Canopy Cloud from Glassline - attaching of the substructure
2. Attach the profile to the substructure or building structure using regulated/approved fasteners.
Glass Canopy Cloud from Glassline - sliding of the rear support strip to the top
3. Slide the rear support strip into the top groove.
Glass Canopy Cloud from Glassline - inserting of the clamping rods
4. Insert the clamping rods into the internal profile notch with a spacing of 200 mm and at least three clamping rods per pane.
Glass Canopy Cloud from Glassline - inserting of the front support strip
5. Insert the front support strip into the groove provided.
Glass Canopy Cloud from Glassline - Inserting of the glass pane
6. Slide in the glass pane up to the profile stop. Profile overhang on the left and right approx. 5 mm.
Glass Canopy Cloud from Glassline - securing of the glass pane
7. Secure the glass pane in place on both sides with the safety blocks. Press the front support seal between the glass and the profile. Adhere the silicone tubes to the top and front edges of the profile at evenly spaced points.
Glass Canopy Cloud from Glassline - placing of the panel
8. Place the panel on the profile.
Glass Canopy Cloud from Glassline - securing of the side covers
9. Secure the side covers and the panel in place using the locking screws.