BALARDO hybrid lite - Das filigrane System mit stufenlos mehrdimensionaler Verstellbarkeit

BALARDO hybrid lite - Das innovative Ganzglasgeländersystem BALARDO hybrid lite ist das mehrdimensional stufenlos verstellbar und noch einmal deutlich filigraner als das bestehende System BALARDO hybrid.

BALARDO core smart - Das minimalistische System für die Brüstungserhöhung

BALARDO core smart - Das minimalistische Ganzglasgeländersystem wurde speziell zur Attika-Brüstungserhöhung für den Außenbereich entwickelt und ist sowohl für private als auch öffentliche Bauvorhaben die ideale Lösung

BALARDO aqua control - the glass railing system for controlled balcony drainage

BALARDO aqua control combines the transparent elegance of the GLASSLINE glass railing with controlled and accessible water flow.

BALMERO – The French balcony

Simple and elegant. BALMERO is an elegant lightweight solution as fall protection for floor-to-ceiling windows. With BALMERO, GLASSLINE opens up new potentials for French balconies in terms of safety, design and efficiency.

All-Glass railings

Glass railing systems from GLASSLINE combine elegant transparency, pure efficiency and tested safety. Every system has a modular design and is characterised by high-quality components that can be used to create an unprecedented variety of solutions.

Glass Canopies

Whether they are used to emphasise the features of the building or are integrated into the building architecture, canopy systems from GLASSLINE are impressive wherever they are installed and are characterised by perfectly machined system components and bright surfaces. Something that impresses at first sight will prove its worth in the long term. Right down to the last detail.

System with thermal separation for securely mounting attachment elements on building envelopes

The successful mounting system FIX•N SLIDE is revolutionising component installation in the sector of external thermal insulation composite systems with its flexibility, ease of installation and reliability. The system enables secure mounting of attachment elements to insulated building envelopes and is thermally and structurally tested.

Floor-to-ceiling glazing

Floor-to-ceiling glazing with a fall-proof function combines maximum brightness with maximum safety. Modern and elegant, floor-to-ceiling glazing creates elegant features indoors with a timeless ambience.

Glass fixings

Glass fixings from GLASSLINE are design-oriented fixtures for the safe and simple mounting of all-glass structures. Our range of glass fixings includes POINTFIX, GLASS CONNECTORS and SPIDERS. The first choice for demanding frameless glass structures on façades, roofs and glass railings.