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HUF Häuser mit BALARDO Glasgeländer

„Leben im Einklang mit der Natur“ – dafür stehen HUF Häuser seit Jahrzehnten. In einer charakteristischen und unverwechselbaren Architektursprache entstehen offene und großzügigen Wohnkonzepte.

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Glass art from Taunusstein can be found all over the world, for example, in Omaha in the US state of Nebraska. There the "Search" glass tower stands as a single object in the centre of a large roundabout in front of the Fred & Pamela Buffet Cancer Center. The work of art in front of the large clinic specialising in cancer treatment was financed by anonymous donations and has stood on site since 24 April 2017 where it was set up with great logistical effort.

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The architects in the furoris Group in Chemnitz have installed around 800 m of glass railings in the new BHS office building in Weiherhammer. A place where the employees feel comfortable, where they can connect with each other - a place of transparency and communication.

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Glass is not usually the preferred material when it comes to the interior of a school. But there is another way, as seen in the heart of the Rahewinkel Primary School in Hamburg-Billstedt.

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Christian Driemel, owner of

"We have been working with GLASSLINE since 2016 and look forward to many more joint projects. Whether beautiful canopies or transparent railings - GLASSLINE products are appealing to our customers. We like to install the products because they score with their quality and are easy to install. At the same time they also impress us with their special aesthetics."

Menke Glas GmbH, Mr. Eckart Menke

"We have been working together with Glassline since 2002. First, we used the point supports, now increasingly the BALARDO all-glass railings and the CANOPY glass canopies from Glassline. We really like these products. For one things, they are very easy to install. And secondly, our customers like the elegant and transparent aesthetics. That's why we like to use the Glassline products. We have been working long term with our partners and this works well with Glassline. The delivery performance could still be optimised a bit in our view. But I'm sure that the people at Glassline can manage that, too."

Ms. Femcke Rickertsen, Deputy Managing Director of Schlosserei Marten Rickertsen:

"We have been working together continuously with Glassline since 2012. Because we are a processor, it is simply important that the systems are easy to apply. Glassline offers unbeatable installation advantages with its Click N Fix. Installation is easy and fast, and our employees have good installation instructions as well as videos, if needed. I find everything quickly on the Glassline website.

In addition, the great aesthetics of the products especially impressed me. They are so elegant and simple; the railings look like they are floating."