Symbol of life - the Glass Tower of Omaha

Glass art from Taunusstein can be found all over the world, for example, in Omaha in the US state of Nebraska. There the "Search" glass tower stands as a single object in the centre of a large roundabout in front of the Fred & Pamela Buffet Cancer Center. The work of art in front of the large clinic specialising in cancer treatment was financed by anonymous donations and has stood on site since 24 April 2017 where it was set up with great logistical effort.

With its positive and universal effect on people, it establishes a direct connection to the Fred & Pamela Buffet Cancer Center. The tower by the Japanese artist Jun Kaneko has a 12-sided floor plan and protrudes 10 storeys or glass fields one above the other measuring a height of approximately 23 metres. It is a steel and glass construction that was placed on a 2 metre high base and has a total diameter of approx. 2 metres. The finely cut mouth-blown Lambertsglas® was glued onto an opaque carrier glass (VSG) and backlit from the inside with special LEDs.

"Here, too, we worked with Glassline products," confirms Karl Heinz Traut, who managed the project as a freelance project manager on behalf of Derix Glasstudios. "With the retractable point supports from Glassline and the interior construction we designed, we succeeded in making only glass visible from the outside - just as the artist wanted. The area of the 120 glass panels is almost 170 m². In total, more than 10 tons of glass and 720 point supports were used. With its transparency and the coloured glass, the tower looks like a symbol of life that encourages both patients and staff at the cancer clinic.

DERIX GLASSTUDIOS and GLASSLINE have been working together for six years. The reason: The approvals AbZ and ETA and later the good cooperation. "Overall, we are very satisfied with the GLASSLINE products," emphasises Karl Heinz Traut. "We primarily use BALARDO and the point supports developed by GLASSLINE - the good quality simply suits our projects"

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