"We have big plans."

Interview with Thomas Utsch

Thomas Utsch, Managing Director of Glassline GmbH since June 2017

Herr Utsch, you have now been with Glassline GmbH for a year.
What has changed at Glassline?

The company is very well established, so I did not need to change much. It is a very young and innovative company, which we demonstrated at the festerbau frontale trade show in March. There was, of course, some inspiration that I could provide. Collectively, we will position ourselves more firmly as a system supplier with the expansion of our services in relation to the product ranges. We have also reorganised the entire internal and external sales forces so that customers now always meet a team that looks after them. In doing so, we can optimise accessibility. In future, we will focus more on marketing and service. We will continue to strengthen those areas moving forward.

What does this mean in practice?
For example, we will present a larger exhibition booth with quite a lot of innovations at the BAU 2019. We will also change our online presence, since we have established that almost half of visitors to our website contact us via mobile devices. I hope that we can also score one coup or another on this occasion. But I cannot reveal any more here.

What does your vision for Glassline look like?
We will guide the company in an international direction. We have already begun this process and have sought partners in several countries including France and the Middle East. The export business is being continuously expanded through various partners with their own market cultivation. Also planned is the restructuring of the company's supply chain division with the objective of sustainably improving our service and supply reliability. Especially in service, we will make some efforts to expand our position in the market. Just as in the field of innovation, here too we want to remain the market leader. And as a third point: We will do more to put a face to the company - that means that Glassline will have a very personal presence in addition to a technical presence in the future. This goes hand in hand with the expansion of various services.

Finally, a personal question:
Are you more of a bold pioneer or a team player?

Quite clearly a team player. That is the wonderful thing at Glassline - the management team as well as the company as a whole are excellently organised. It is fun to work there.