BALMERO – the new French balcony

With BALMERO, the Adelsheim-based company has again managed a consistent new development in the field of frameless glass.

Adelsheim, April 2019. A French balcony is the railing on the outside of a floor-to-ceiling window. "It therefore makes sense that a company like ours also deals with this product," explains Sebastian Sinn, Head of Sales at GLASSLINE GmbH, about the innovation. Many architects prefer the lightweight and transparent glass solution both for canopies and railings.

BALMERO is an intricate lightweight construction solution for French balconies with outstanding cost effectiveness. This system with a glass overhang is a complete innovation being offered for the first time with AbP by a German manufacturer. BALMERO impresses with design-oriented transparency, a high degree of cost-efficiency and functionality, as well as safety from the outset. It integrates harmoniously into all architecture almost weightlessly and simultaneously sets modern and timeless accents. The product combines elegant transparency with easy installation. This is because with BALMERO, the Adelsheim-based company has carried over the principle of linear connection to the French balcony—and this with very few components.

It is also available with the new BALARDO firstglass glass edge protection developed by GLASSLINE.

Glassline BALMERO
283.4 Ko
900 x 600 px