BALARDO hybrid – infinitely adjustable

GLASSLINE GmbH based in Adelsheim presents an evolution in their BALARDO all-glass railing system.

Adelsheim, January 2019.
The market for all-glass railings has consistently evolved in recent years. This of course also applies to the best known all-glass railing system and the number 1 in Germany - BALARDO, often used as a synonym for glass railings. Based on the ever-growing needs of the market, the Adelsheim-based company GLASSLINE has conceived two innovative further developments to the proven BALARDO alu system that will be named BALARDO core in the future: BALARDO smart is a minimalist railing system for interiors, while BALARDO hybrid is a strong system with infinite fine adjustments.

"With our new developments within glass railings, we now offer a comprehensive system for all construction challenges," reveals Sebastian Sinn, Head of Sales in Adelsheim.

With BALARDO hybrid, GLASSLINE GmbH presents an evolution in their all-glass railing system. Hybrid also means "combined." This is precisely what the Adelsheim-based company has successfully implemented in the new system - the combination of the proven BALARDO with even more finesse in the installation. This is made possible by innovative clamping elements with integrated adjusting screws. These allow for infinite, installation-friendly adjustability, and this for every single glass pane. The installer can comfortably adjust everything from the installation side. This is because the positioning system is modular and can be inserted into the supporting profile from both sides. This is how it adapts perfectly to every installation situation. "The adjusting screws are consequently so easy to access that they can even be effortlessly adjusted with an ordinary cordless screwdriver, which was important to us," explains Sebastian Sinn about the installation.

BALARDO hybrid does not differ from the outside from the well-known BALARDO range when installed because the innovative positioning elements are not visible. Through intelligent shape optimisation, the new system also takes on a considerably larger load and is thus safe to use in areas with significantly higher loads of up to 2 KN per metre. Particularly desirable here is the innovative edge protection with the BALARDO firstglass glass edge by GLASSLINE - a stylistic highlight and of course a tested innovation from Adelsheim. BALARDO firstglass completes the design of frameless glass; a limit is no longer set on transparency.

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