School with a view - The Rahewinkel Primary School

Glass is not usually the preferred material when it comes to the interior of a school. But there is another way, as seen in the heart of the Rahewinkel Primary School in Hamburg-Billstedt.

With 31 regular and subject-based classrooms, the new 2-storey building offers a creative learning environment to around 500 pupils from 27 nations. From the outside, the new primary school fits perfectly into its park-like surroundings with its dense tree population. "The external appearance is characterised by solid larch wood rods on a wooden façade design," explains architect Alexander Maul of pbr AG in Hamburg. The building is designed as a cross around a forum, which contributes to the simple orientation of the kids. The four wings of the building were built in all directions, accommodating different rooms: on the ground floor, the common, general and classrooms of the pre-primary school, on the upper floor classrooms for Levels 1 to 4, the library and a playroom.

These two floors are connected by the two-storey forum. Designed as a meeting place and break hall, it is the heart of the school. A staircase leads from the event area on the ground floor to the upper floor, half of which has been designed as a grandstand-like seating staircase. A glass railing runs upwards on the right hand side and forms a surrounding glass gallery on the upper floor. The BALARDO steel all-glass railing system was used for a total length of 80 metres. It ensures transparency and an open atmosphere. To ensure that the glass is also seen when playing or romping, it was printed with horizontal stripes - a solution that not only looks very good but also ensures safety. A special feature is the additional constructive handrail in the staircase area. It was fastened with point supports and offers children and adults a secure grip when climbing stairs.

"Until now, all-glass railings have rarely been used in schools," says Torsten Witting, Sales Manager Germany North at GLASSLINE. "But BALARDO steel opens up possibilities for all-glass solutions that are not only extremely attractive, but also economical. Together with GLASSLINE's point supports, this results in sophisticated designs for high-quality glass railings.

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