CANOPY classic

Glass Canopy Classic from Glassline - isolated product


CANOPY classic supports the friendly welcome into every entrance area with maximum transparency and incomparable elegance. The point-supported glass canopy by GLASSLINE impresses with its timeless, filigree system components. Perfectly processed, they are not just a means to an end, but also act as independent design elements that enter into dialogue with every architectural and door design. CANOPY classic holds the glass practically as if floating freely almost incidentally and provides maximum functionality and safety. In short: CANOPY classic reinterprets the design principle of "form follows function".


    • Pane sizes up to 4,800 mm x 1,700 mm
    • Glass design with digital or screen printing
    • With General Building Inspectorate approval (AbZ)
    • With approved type statics
    • LGA-tested safety
    • No approval required for each individual case (ZIE)
    With general technical approval (AbZ)
    With tested standard structural analysis
    LGA-tested safety
    No approval required for each individual case (ZIE)

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    Overhead glazing has become an integral part of modern architecture. The need for more light and transparency...

    CANOPY classic
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    CANOPY classic
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    Maximum flexibility is also at the heart of CANOPY classic. Its special construction enables the glass roof to be inclined continuously from 0° to 20° in any direction. And as you would expect from GLASSLINE, quality is paramount. Only high-grade stainless steels are used for the components. Machined in-house, they are characterised by precision and bright surfaces. The result: A Made in Germany all-glass canopy system, which is robust and durable thanks to a design that is gentle on the glass.

    CANOPY classic is available with two, three or four clamping fixtures. The maximum length that can be achieved with four clamping fixtures and LSG 20 is 4800 mm. In this case, the glass can be printed with any pattern, motif or logo or custom-designed with film.

    Three mounting brackets are available for attachment to the substructure or building structure.

    Two suspension rods CANOPY classic 2-16 / 2-20 Disc formats: LSG 16 mm (max: 2.000 x 1.200 mm) LSG 20 mm (max: 2.300 x 1.500 mm)
    Three suspension rods CANOPY classic 3-16 / 3-20 Disc formats: LSG 16 mm (max: 2.800 x 1.400 mm) LSG 20 mm (max: 3.200 x 1.700 mm)
    Four suspension rods CANOPY classic 4-16 / 4-20 Disc formats: LSG 16 mm (max: 4.200 x 1.400 mm) LSG 20 mm (max: 4.800 x 1.700 mm)
    Mounting bracket set A: Round, double screw connection
    Mounting bracket set B: Rectangular, double screw connection
    Mounting bracket set C: Dowel-like, single screw connection (without general technical approval – AbZ)


    With only a few mounting components, CANOPY classic guarantees maximum transparency for a bright, light-filled entrance or terrace area. The installation of the glass roof is as simple as it is quick; it is completed in just a few steps. See for yourself!