CANOPY blade

Glass Canopy Blade from Glassline - isolated product


Design meets transparency. CANOPY blade extends the CANOPY product range with a design-oriented all-glass canopy system. The eye-catching brackets create new features without affecting the transparency of the glass. Their perforated blade shape makes them real eye-catchers and combines structural lightness with transparency. At the same time, the unique design of the precisely machined system components provides an unobstructed view of the sky.


    • Pane size of up to 2800 mm x 1400 mm
    • Pre-defined roof pitch of 10°
    • Just two or three brackets for maximum transparency
    • Can be installed beneath a window
    • Easy to install

    The point supports s in the CANOPY blade canopy system:

    • With general technical approval (AbZ) for plate holders
    • With tested standard structural analysis
    With general technical approval (AbZ)
    With tested standard structural analysis
    No approval required for each individual case (ZIE)

    Overhead glazing

    Overhead glazing has become an integral part of modern architecture. The need for more light and transparency...

    CANOPY blade
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    CANOPY blade
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    The CANOPY blade canopy system consists of three blade types that can support a projection of 1000 mm to 1400 mm.

    The blades are available as standard in polished stainless steel and high-grade hot-dip galvanised steel and in the colours RAL 9010 pure white and RAL 7016 anthracite. Other RAL colours are available on request.

    GLASSLINE plate holders are used to hold the glass pane securely in place; these are the preferred option for demanding frameless glass structures.

    Type B1 Projection: Up to 1000 mm
    Type B2 Projection: Up to 1200 mm
    Type B3 Projection: Up to 1400 mm
    Glass Canopy Blade from Glassline - stainless steel surface
    Stainless steel 1.4301
    Glass Canopy Blade from Glassline - galvanized steel surface
    Galvanised steel
    Glass Canopy Blade from Glassline - pure whitesurface
    RAL 9010 (pure white)
    Glass Canopy Blade from Glassline - anthracite grey surface
    RAL 7016 (anthracite grey)
    Glass Canopy Blade from Glassline - plate holder
    Plate holder Diameter: Dia. 68 mm Glass thickness: 16 and 20 mm Turned parts: Stainless steel 1.4404 Approval: General technical approval (AbZ)

    In nur wenigen Schritten montiert!

    Auch beim Montageprinzip erweist sich CANOPY blade als äußerst vorteilhaft, da sich das Vordach zügig in nur wenigen Montageschritten anbringen lässt.

    Nachdem die Schwerter an der Unterkonstruktion montiert wurden, werden die Punkthalterteller mit dem Auflager durch die Glasbohrungen der Scheibe verschraubt und mit flüssigem Schraubenkleber gesichert, um danach parallel zu den Schwertern ausgerichtet zu werden. Die Scheibe mit den montierten Punkthaltern kann nun auf die Schwerter gesetzt werden, die Punkthalter werden abschließend mithilfe der Bolzen und Sicherungsringe gesichert.

    Installation instructions

    Glass canopy Canopy Blade from Glassline - alignment substructure
    1. Align the substructure. Attach the blades to the substructure or building structure.
    Glass canopy Canopy Blade from Glassline - screw connection  point support plates
    2. Screw the point support plates with the support through the glass drill holes in the pane and align it so that it is parallel with the blades. Secure the supports with permanent liquid screw adhesive (e.g. Loctite).
    Glass canopy Canopy Blade from Glassline - placeing of the pane
    3. Place the pane with the installed point supports on the blades.
    Glass canopy Canopy Blade from Glassline - secureing the point supports
    4. Secure the point supports in place using the pins and retaining rings.